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Location: Westport
Staff: 9 
 13 years
Key Players: Luke Scott and Kristen Briner 
Key Clients:
 Bahlsen, Greenfield Partners, HobNob Wines, 20 Years Younger, Yale West Apartments, Curve, Yale School of Music

When/how was the agency born?
In the early hours of March 1st, 1999, without an epidural.

Why do clients hire you and not another agency? 
We think clients tend to hire us because we listen. That and we really care. Sometimes too much. It’s more than branding, design, and marketing. It’s what we do, what we create, for a living.

What makes your process unique?
Our people make our process unique. Lots of agencies have slightly tweaked versions of similar processes. Not to say that we didn’t work hard to define our approach. But the truth is that any human process is only as good as the humans behind it. We have really really good humans.

Why Connecticut? 
Obsessed with Nutmeg. Kidding. I’m a native, which made tons of sense back when we opened, and even more now.We really dig this place: the shoreline, the access to New York. I love Westport, where I work, and Bridgeport, where I live. These two distinctly different locales represent the breadth of Connecticut’s character; of its geography, people, and opportunity.

Describe your ideal client.
Done via email from said client: “Hello, we’d like to hire you based on your stunning reputation, and are willing to pay handsomely if you agree to coddle and build our baby brand into a grown-up.”

Ideally, we want folks to hire us because they like our work and trust us with their business. We prefer clients who aren’t afraid to let the leash out a bit.

Describe your ideal employee/team member. 
Done via email from said ideal employee: “Dear Luke and Kristen, I took the liberty of pushing a few active projects through the pipeline this weekend. Don’t mind the tent, on the patio. I’ll move back home once the pitch is over. I also wanted to take a moment to thank you for this wonderful job opportunity. In this day and age, it is rare to find an employer who affords such creative latitude, while covering an inordinate amount of my health insurance. P.S. I stocked the fridge and took out the recycling. Best, Your Star Employee”

How do you “give back”? 
We work with a bunch of non-profits, and believe our best contributions are made by using the skills that we have to offer other people and organizations. We’re in the process of completing a new website for the Westport Arts Center.

We think clients tend to hire us because we listen. That and we really care. Sometimes too much.

Who are you favorite partners/vendors?
We have a bunch of vendors who are more like partners—a bunch right here in Connecticut. They always follow through and treat our clients like gold. Those are the ones we have worked with for over a decade and will continue to hire.

Where would you like the agency to be in 5 years? 
Right where it is now, physically. As for the rest of it? We’d be happy to double our size, by adding more dream clients and star employees. (If you’re either one, and are reading this, it is most certainly fate and you should email

What is unique about the culture of the agency? The physical space?
We have a brand new space that really matches our culture. White walls and shiny floors meet chalkboard paint and old typewriters meet big windows and a ping-pong table. Then there are those really really good humans. Basically, it is fun to come to work everyday. Not sure how many people get to say that, but I’m glad to be one of them.