Connecticut Creatives


When/how was the agency born?

Artiphicial was established in 2017 in Greenwich, CT. We started as a small studio focused on creating memorable branding experiences for a variety of local and regional clients. We’ve since grown and our client roster now includes national and even global brands. Although our core offering is design predicated by top-flight strategic thinking, we also provide an extensive array of digital marketing services.

Why do clients hire you and not another agency?

Our clients hire us for our design expertise, our creative vision, and our ability to communicate the best in their product or service. One important attribute that differentiates us is our years of experience in Europe. This perspective helps us see and solve marketing problems in fresh and powerful ways. 

What makes your process unique?

We don’t jump right to execution. The strategic thinking we do upfront is extensive and sets us apart. It’s tailored to meet each client’s needs and goals, and helps ensure the work we do will perform for them. Also, we’re deeply committed to collaboration. Our clients are always involved in our strategic analysis and creative process.

Why Connecticut?

Connecticut is a terrific place to start and grow a creatively driven design studio. It’s home to many innovative companies and provides great opportunities to learn from and collaborate with other professionals. Connecticut is also just a quick train ride from Manhattan, and was home to one my design heroes, the one and only Paul Rand. Also, the pizza in this state is astonishing.

Describe your ideal client.

Our ideal client is passionate about their business, open to collaboration, and values creativity and innovation. We like working with clients who understand the business importance of design and believe in having a strong digital presence. We never present just one creative solution — we like sharing a handful of ideas with our clients and engaging them in a conversation. Our ideal client appreciates this.

Describe your ideal employee/team member.

Our ideal team member eats, sleeps and breathes their craft. They want their work to not only be outrageously creative, but to meet our clients’ business needs. We value people who constantly push creative boundaries and are curious about everything. We’re a remote workplace, and he/she/they need to be highly self-motivated and excited about working with a diverse group of people.

What is your favorite cause?

Our favorite cause is our clients’ success. We’re fixated on their growth and on making sure our work contributes to it. We’re not interested in creativity for the sake of creativity. We want our work to perform in the real world. 

That said, we’re also passionate about supporting the arts and creative expression. Our Founder and Creative Director, Albian Gagica, has participated in numerous international conferences and has spoken extensively on this topic. We will continue to advocate aggressively for this cause.

Who are your favorite partners/vendors?

At Artiphicial, we’re proud to partner with award-winning designers, writers, illustrators and photographers from around the world. These highly skilled professionals bring unparalleled creative talent to our projects and help us create powerful work that benefits our clients.

Where would you like the agency to be in 5 years?

Although steady growth would be nice, what’s most important to us is continuing to focus intently on what we do today: provide highly effective branding design that meets our clients’ needs. With that in mind, in five years we hope to have grown our studio significantly to become a globally known and respected branding agency — still based in Connecticut. 

What is unique about the culture of the agency?

The culture at Artiphicial is one of meaningful collaboration, creativity and innovation. We believe the best ideas come from working together and strive to create an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. We offer a flexible work environment that allows our team to work from anywhere and we encourage open communication and feedback.